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Dr. Leggett & Dr. Lee

The office of Dr. Leggett & Dr. Lee is a Houston-based practice specializing in general, bariatric, and laparoendoscopic surgery. Helmed by board-certified surgeons, Philip L. Leggett, MD, and Seeyuen Lee, MD, the practice strives to return patients to their normal lives as soon as possible. That’s why they emphasize the benefits of minimally invasive procedures like nonsurgical treatment of acid reflux and sleeve gastrectomy. Dr. Leggett, MD and Dr. Lee, MD, board-certified laparoscopic and bariatric surgeons meet a higher standard and demonstrate their knowledge in the latest advancements of their specialty.

Our Houston Practice

The practice delivers the most comprehensive care available, including minimally invasive weight loss surgery and a variety of endoscopic procedures such as diagnostic testing with colonoscopy and EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy).

With close ties to the Houston community, the office of Philip L. Leggett, MD, is affiliated with Houston Healthcare Northwest (HCA) and Northwest Surgery Center Red Oak. To schedule a consultation, call or book an appointment online today.

Houston Surgical Specialists

Both Dr. Leggett and Dr. Lee know how important it is to have options when choosing the right course of treatment. They consistently design their treatment plans to best suit every patient, taking into account different lifestyles, health goals, and possible complications before offering their advice. They’re experienced in traditional surgery, endoscopic, and “incisionless” percutaneous surgery, which creates even smaller incisions than laparoscopic procedures. This means less pain, fewer risks, and a shorter recovery time.

Fellowship Program

Our fellowship program in Minimally Invasive Surgery is one of the first fellowships of its kind in the country, and is the longest-running of the four programs in the UT Health/MIST Fellowship Consortium.


Commonly Accepted Insurances

For your convenience, we accept most major insurance plans. Click on “View full list of companies” to see a list of commonly accepted insurances. This list is not entirely inclusive of all plans we accept. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact a friendly member of our staff.

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