John S. – Submitted 12/21/20

Got the best possible care from Dr. Leggett and his entire team dealing with my broken ribs and punctured lung.
Larry R. – Submitted 12/17/20

No problem with waiting time. Dr. saw me on time. Correct decision to be admitted to the hospital. Stayed in contact during illness.
Kenneth D. – Submitted 12/16/20

I have been Dr. Leggett’s patient for 23 years. Dr. Leggett is a doctors doctor. He has saved my life more than once.
John B. – Submitted 12/15/20

Great Doctor to partner with on the journey to a healthy weight.
Joseph C. – Submitted 12/08/20

Brilliant Doc, thorough, excellent professional and office staff
Shonza B. – Submitted 12/04/20

Very courteous very prompt very explainable
CHAD S. – Submitted 11/30/20

Doc understood my needs and was able to accommodate.
Ryan K. – Submitted 11/23/20

Great experience! Had complete confidence in the entire staff from the moment I arrived! Would definitely use again and recommend to all family and friends.
Trina W. – Submitted 10/31/20

Susan M. – Submitted 10/27/20

I was seen in a timely manner. Both Dr Leggett and Dr Stephanson were attentive and concerned about my well being. Great visit! Previous doctors could not seem to address my problem but they mailed it. On the way to mending. Thank God for using these talented physicians. !
Terry H. – Submitted 10/26/20

He is gonna fix me and it’s the best news I’ve gotten all year
Pamela L. – Submitted 10/21/20

Dr. Leggett and his staff was absolutely wonderful
Khaled F. – Submitted 10/07/20

Positive experience with procedures and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend this facility to other patience. Ventilation system appears to be overdue for proper cleaning.
Casandra B. – Submitted 10/01/20

The staff was very friendly. The doctors were caring and thorough in explaining things so that I can make an informed decision regarding my health!
Edward T. – Submitted 07/17/20

Outstanding! Very pleased with the process and overall results.
Elmer W. – Submitted 07/16/20

I have used Dr.Leggett for over 30 years & he has always done a great job & is a wonderful surgeon . I truly trust him without question !
Phyllis U. – Submitted 07/14/20

He is a wonderful bariatric doctor I would not trade him for nothing in this world
Jeremiah D. – Submitted 07/08/20

Awesome medical staff.
Sherry B. – Submitted 07/07/20

I’ve just recently concentrated with Dr. Leggett…..I’m very grateful that he is willing to take me on as his patient. I’ve had nothing problems with my Lap band that was done in September 2012. His office staff seen to be exceptional and very thorough.
VIRGINIA P. – Submitted 07/06/20

Omg I’m very satisfied with my service my Dr.Leggett and his team they really help me termite eating habits around help me lift myself up do some exercise at least some light I love all the help I got for my nutrition lady Ms.Nisha I want to thank everyone on his team for helping me get through this
Gary S. – Submitted 07/01/20

Because my internet went out just before you called we still managed. Thanks
Charles R. – Submitted 06/26/20

Appointment is excellent with short waiting time.
Billy L. – Submitted 06/26/20

Our experience with Dr Leggett was great! The staff was quick and very helpful. Dr Leggett was personable and listened to us with our concerns.
Larry R. – Submitted 06/25/20

On time. Understood all the doctor said. In quickly and out without delay. Professional at all times.
Kenneth D. – Submitted 06/22/20

I have been Dr. Leggett’s patient for over 20 yrs. He is so capable that I have recommended him to my wife and daughters, plus others. I also recommend him to you.
PATRICIA S. – Submitted 06/22/20

Very pleasant everybody would go above and beyond to help you answer any questions was always there for you
William C. – Submitted 06/20

Dr. Leggett is been my doctor for many years and I’m grateful for his professionalism, ethics, care, expertises and always taking care of me.
Rogelio G. – Submitted 06/19/20

Mary B. – Submitted 06/16/20

Dr. Leggett and his staff are great! Very professional and courteous. I highly recommend them!
Anton D. – Submitted 06/12/20

Dr Leggett knows what he is doing!
April W. – Submitted 06/12/20

Jeffrey L. – Submitted 06/11/20

Excellent experience. Doctors extremely friendly. Staff wonderful.
Edward T. – Submitted 06/11/20

Great Doctor but more importantly a great guy. The whole office has been great and I’m thrilled with my result.
Phyllis U. – Submitted 06/10/20

Dr.Leggett is one of the best bariatric doctors I know he really take care of his patients and that’s what I love about him his staff and everybody so wonderful if you want a good bariatric surgeon go see doctor Leggett you won’t be disappointed..
Yosmel G. – Submitted 06/05/20

Es el mejor de los Doctores su atención fue exclusiva y excelente tiene muy buen equipo y me encuentro muy satisfecho y agradecido por la cirugía realizada por el Doctor muy buena experiencia
Dianna H. – Submitted 05/29/20

Dr Leggett and his team are amazing and thorough! So blessed to have him as a doctor.
NIKISHA W. – Submitted 05/28/20

I always have good customer service everyone is very respectable and very nice they work with you they have very good communication skills I believe this is the best office to go too
Tommieretta G. – Submitted 05/20

Excellent surgeon and staff. Very knowledgeable and patient with his patients. Assistants are wonderful. I’m very satisfied with every procedure he has performed.
Kenneth D. – Submitted 05/19/20

After 20 plus years with Dr Leggett’s treatment I continue to be impressed with his commitment to my well being. Dr. Leggett is my physician of choice for my family and me. Additionally, Dr. Leggett’s office staff makes my visit so easy and comfortable.
DEBORAH M. – Submitted 05/13/20

The experience was my first and I quite enjoyed having all the information given to me remotely saving me a trip to the office. I got all the information I needed and everyone very friendly.
Wanda B. – Submitted 05/11/20

His Assistant was very helpful and understanding..
Wanda B. – Submitted 05/07/20

Very warm and caring..
AUDREY P. – Submitted 05/07/20

I wish all doctor offices were like this. Clean, calm and proficient. You never wait very long no matter what step of the process, everyone is polite and on their game.
Latrecia S. – Submitted 05/06/20

Everyone was awesome. They were very informative about my circumstances. Dr.Leggett is wonderful doctor that cares for his patients.
Rogelio G. – Submitted 04/29/20

Great experience.
Debbie G. – Submitted 04/22/20

I appreciate the caring and kindness that you all show to your patients. I love when you speak the truth about what we are doing wrong and how we should help ourselves also to live a wonderful and healthy life. Thank you Dr. Leggett and your staff.
Clarissa J. – Submitted 04/22/20

Very informative
Jennifer A. – Submitted 04/17/20

Dr. Leggett seems to really wanna get to the bottom of my health issues. He seems to be a wonderful doc.
Amira A. – Submitted 04/15/20

William O. – Submitted 04/10/20

Swelling in the lower calf of my right leg and redness are reduced significantly. Need to continue medication and keep leg elevated. Thanks Phil…..
VERONICA N. – Submitted 04/03/20

Excellent as always!!! Dr. Leggett and his staff are always there when you need anything.
TARA Z. – Submitted 04/02/20

David C. – Submitted 04/02/20

Very personable and informative review session to go over the results of my various test and lab work. Thank you!
Kenneth D. – Submitted 04/02/20

This visit was extremely satisfying. We discussed the issues and suggested treatments. All this was done via the zoom platform so neither I, the patient or any of the physicians or staff were exposed to each other. Also, the time saved for the patient is overwhelming. The patient does not have to drive to the office or spend time in the waiting room. Please continue this service.
Thomas D. – Submitted 04/01/20

Dr. Leggett and his team are the best
Michele B. – Submitted 04/01/20

This was a great experience doing the appointment virtually. Definitely would like to have the virtual visit option when there isn’t a pandemic.
Tommieretta G. – Submitted 03/24/20

Best surgeon and staff I have encountered in a long time. Very professional and patient with educating you on what you need to have done.
Patricia J. – Submitted 03/20

NANCY C. – Submitted 03/18/20

Great Staff
Larry R. – Submitted 03/13/20

I was seen by the doctor on time, diagnosed my problem and then departed in a good frame of mind knowing that I was taken care of by a capable and very talented doctor.
Leslie A. – Submitted 03/10/20

He looks awesome and he answers your questions, I like it so far I will put another feed back after my 3 visit my surgery
John S. – Submitted 03/06/20

Fantastic appointment with Dr. Leggett today…he is so professional and takes the time to communicate how much he cares for his patients.
Bernadette M. – Submitted 03/04/20

I was seen right on time. Dr. Leggett answered all my questions and I was very comfortable with him. I was very pleased.
Patricia B. – Submitted 02/26/20

I felt like Dr.Leggett really cared about me as an individual, not just another person. Thanks to him and his staff I’m finally going to have my life back w/o daily pain!
John S. – Submitted 02/26/20

Great and thorough visit.
VERONICA N. – Submitted 02/14/20

Excellent as always
Amira A. – Submitted 02/10/20

Great 1st visit
ROBERT O. – Submitted 12/13/19

PATRICIA S. – Submitted 12/11/19

Very comfortable, all my questions were answered. I left feeling well informed
My T. – Submitted 12/05/19

Dr. lee explained really well my issue & gave me a best solution she is friendly & expert in her practice field!
William O. – Submitted 12/02/19

ORETHA B. – Submitted 11/25/19

Everyone was very nice and helpful
JESSICA C. – Submitted 11/21/19

Office was easy to find. Staff was very nice and knowledgeable. Dr. was professional and nice.
David D. – Submitted 11/17/19

Been going to dr Leggett for many years. Although the whole experience of an egd/colonoscopy was not very fun. I’m very satisfied dr Leggett
Christian M. – Submitted 11/12/19

Took good care of me
ADRIENNE K. – Submitted 10/29/19

Dr.Leggett is a wonderful doctor and I trust him with all my heart
CHARLES M. – Submitted 10/22/19

Dr. Lee is very patient and answers all questions asked.
MACK T. – Submitted 10/21/19

It was very good the doctors there are very good they tell you what’s going on in plan English there great
RUBEN G. – Submitted 10/19

Every thing ok good doctor
Lisa R. – Submitted 09/24/19

Great Doctors and staff.
Paula B. – Submitted 09/23/19

Great experience
Susan R. – Submitted 09/16/19

The wait was longer than usual today. I understand that some patients might need more time than originally planned. I know that I will always get taken care of by the staff and Dr. Leggett. Everyone is always kind and helpful.
VERONICA N. – Submitted 09/11/19

Dr and staff are wonderful, they are always available to answer any question or help in any way.
BARBARA A. – Submitted 08/20/19

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover this procedure. Lost $70 by coming in.
DARRELL T. – Submitted 08/19

It was great. Staff is excellent. I am truly going to miss the woman who does the blood pressure and your weight.
KEESHAWNA P. – Submitted 08/13/19

Very gd dr
KATHLEEN L. – Submitted 08/09/19

Dr. Leggett is a warm and caring man. His staff is great.
TRICIA C. – Submitted 08/09/19

Dr. Leggett is one of a kind. He is easy to get along with and is an excellent M.D.!
TARA Z. – Submitted 08/08/19

JERRY D. – Submitted 08/07/19

Given test results and told what next step is. Wanted to do pre-op 8-13 but told them I couldn’t make 13 but that Wednesday would work.
Jonathon K. – Submitted 07/26/19

Pleasant, fast and efficient as always.
FRANCES F. – Submitted 07/25/19

I experienced years of stomach problems with constant heartburn and acid reflux. I was dependent on over the counter medications which were very harmful to take on a daily basis. I found out that I had a hiatal hernia. Dr. Phillip Leggett took care of me and now I have no heartburn or acid reflux! Dr. Leggett, you are a life saver. Thank you so much!
CAROL JAN R. – Submitted 07/18/19

Everyone in the office is very pleasant and helpful!
KENNETH A. – Submitted 07/17/19

Pleasant , relaxing
Pamela P. – Submitted 07/15/19

I had a warm and great overall experience there in the office I want to say thank you Dr. Legget for all your doing to help me get through my weight loss journey
Laura G. – Submitted 07/10/19

Highly recommend Dr. Leggett and his team!!!
JOSE R. – Submitted 07/09/19

Knowledgeable and understanding everything in great detail
ORETHA B. – Submitted 07/08/19

Normal office visit
LOYCE D. – Submitted 07/08/19

Dr. Lee is very thoughtful and thorough. She makes it easy to deal with my health issues.
Patricia T. – Submitted 07/05/19

I’m always treated so great I just love the ladies in the office and the doctors are fantastic
JEREMY B. – Submitted 07/03/19

I was treated extremely well.
ELICIA M. – Submitted 07/02/19

They really care about you! It’s an important thing to me
JERRY D.- Submitted 07/02/19

Very satisfied with the doctor.

The whole staff is awesome everyone understands that surgery no matter the type is delicate subject and they whole staff is kind and compassionate.

06101.jpeg” alt=”” width=”100″ height=”100″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-144″ />Vanessa Williams

Dr. Philip Leggett is an exceptional doctor and it is due to his skill and knowledge that I am alive today. His office staff are friendly and professional; they, along with his working relationship with Houston Northwest Hospital guarantee his patients the best possible circumstances when dealing with medical issues.

06100.jpeg” alt=”” width=”100″ height=”100″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-145″ />Julie M. Vrana

Wonderful doctor and staff! The entire staff very friendly and knowledgeable! My husband and I both had weight loss surgery and would recommend Dr Leggett to anyone that is considering this surgery.

06099.jpeg” alt=”” width=”100″ height=”100″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-143″ />Cody Barr Johnson