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Whether you have a hernia, appendicitis, or gallbladder problem, sometimes surgery is the best treatment option to restore your health. Philip L. Leggett, MD, and Seeyuen Lee, MD, offer expert general surgery services, including minimally invasive alternatives, to the communities of Houston. If you need an experienced surgeon, call or schedule a consultation online today.

General Surgery Q & A

What is general surgery?

General surgery is a medical specialty area that focuses on surgical treatments for a wide range of ailments as well as pre- and post-operative care. General surgeons receive training on the esophagus and related organs, endocrine system, breasts, skin, and other soft tissues, and all of the organs and tissues in the abdomen. Additionally, they have extensive training and experience in trauma, critical care, and surgical oncology.

Dr. Leggett and Dr. Lee provide traditional open surgeries and also offer minimally invasive laparoscopic and incisionless percutaneous operations.

What are some of the conditions treated with general surgery?

The team covers all aspects of general surgery, including:

  • Gallbladder/liver/biliary tract problems
  • Anti-reflux/hiatal hernia
  • Adrenal gland
  • Spleen
  • Hernias
  • Appendectomy
  • Colon/rectal
  • Thyroid/parathyroid
  • Breast
  • Hemorrhoids and other anorectal issues
  • Skin and soft tissue lesions
  • Bariatrics

The surgeons provide comprehensive preoperative consultations to ensure they have a thorough understanding of your overall health and specific needs. They also provide post-operative care to ensure you recover as expected and that your procedure is successful.

What should I expect from general surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery, you experience preoperative preparations and then drift off into a twilight state or unconsciousness for the duration of your procedure.

However, while you’re comfortably sedated, your surgeon is hard at work repairing and restoring your body. During traditional surgery, your surgeon makes an incision in your body and uses special tools to hold your skin and other organs out of the way so they can reach the part of you that needs attention. When they’re finished, they put everything back where it belongs and close your incision with staples, stitches, or sutures.

However, whenever possible, Dr. Leggett and Dr. Lee use minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques. During laparoscopy, your surgeon makes a few small incisions in your abdomen and uses surgical tools on long thin tubes to perform the procedure, including a laparoscope. A laparoscope uses a small camera and light to send a video feed from inside your body to a monitor in the operating room, eliminating the need for a large incision for your surgeon to see your organs. Each incision is closed with a single stitch when your surgery is complete.

They also offer incisionless, percutaneous surgical procedures that use instruments even smaller than laparoscopic tools to complete a surgery without having to make an incision.

If you’re looking for an expert general surgeon in the Houston area, call the office of Philip L. Leggett, MD, or make an appointment online today.

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